Gift Guide for the Grieving

Nov 26, 2023

The holiday season can be tough when you're grieving—cherished traditions now feel incomplete, an empty chair at the table, and even happy family gatherings can remind you of who's missing. Sometimes, just being in a room full of people can unexpectedly make you feel lonely, longing for the way things used to be.

If someone you care about is grieving this year, the holidays likely feel extra challenging for them right now. As their support system, you probably wish you could take their pain away. The truth is, you can’t make the grief disappear.

Your grieving person may want space and quiet or perhaps fears facing this difficult season alone. Offer an empathetic listening ear over advice. Don’t try to rush them past their grief or onto brighter topics. Let them know it’s okay to excuse themselves from activities if emotions overwhelm them. Assure them the guest room or your couch awaits whenever they need refuge.

Now, with the holiday season upon us, you might be wondering, what do you get someone who's deep in the trenches of grief? Here are our top picks—gifts that go beyond the surface:

Little Words Project Bracelets:

These bracelets aren't just accessories; they're like little reminders you carry with you. Little Words Project Bracelets become a subtle support system, a daily nudge that says, "You're not alone in this mess." Wear it, share it—it's a tangible connection to those who get it. We have officially launched our Grieve Leave x Little Words Project collaboration! Purchase your bracelet HERE!

The Grieve Leave x Little Words Project collaboration will benefit Experience Camps, which provides no-cost summer camps, year-round programs, and content to help grieving children cope with the loss of a parent, sibling, or caregiver, reframe their grief, and empower them to move forward with hope and possibility.

A Sisters Legacy Handmade Jewelry:

Beyond looking good, A Sisters Legacy's Handmade Jewelry has a mission. Your purchase doesn't just accessorize; it supports making mental health services accessible. For someone grieving, this gift becomes a symbol of shared values and a tangible contribution to a cause close to their heart.

Grieve Leave Cards:

Let's be honest—finding the right words is a struggle. Grieve Leave Cards simplify the process. "Holidays are tough" or "This F****** Sucks" (a personal favorite of ours) —these cards express sentiments that resonate. 

Help Texts Subscription:

Imagine having a constant companion during the ups and downs of grief. Help Texts Subscription is that reliable friend who checks in when you need it most. It offers consistent support, twice a week for a whole year. For someone grieving, this is a lifeline—a discreet and ongoing connection to expert, non-judgmental support that fits into their daily life.

Uber Eats/Postmates Gift Card:

Cooking may not be on the agenda every day. An Uber Eats or Postmates Gift Card is like a shortcut to a good meal without the effort. 

A Journal:

It's a private outlet for processing complex emotions during the grieving journey. It becomes a tool for self-reflection, capturing thoughts and memories.

Calm Subscription:

Dedicated to fostering a happier and healthier world, Calm serves as a sanctuary for mindfulness, embracing meditation, sleep, and relaxation. Offering 'The Daily Calm' for daily meditation and a diverse library of Sleep Stories, it's a powerful toolkit for addressing stress, anxiety, insomnia, grief, and depression.

Here's our favorite feature: Calm presents a Sleep Story narrated by none other than Harry Styles. That's right, you can gift someone the experience of having Harry Styles essentially tuck them into bed. 

Weighted Blanket or Weighted Eye Mask:

A Weighted Blanket or Eye Mask offers a tangible source of comfort during moments of emotional turbulence. Its soothing weight can provide a sense of security and calmness, especially during restless nights.

Donation to a Charity in Honor of Their Loved One:

Consider making a charitable donation in honor of their loved one—a sincere way to pay tribute and create a legacy of positivity. Check for cues, like "In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to…xyz" in obituaries. If that's the case, skip the flowers and opt for the donation.


Choose a charity that has meaning for the grieving person or aligns with the passions of the departed. It doesn't have to be a big organization; sometimes, the smaller, more personal ones make a big impact. Think outside the box. We've found that creative donations, ones that reflect the unique connection with the person we've lost, really resonate.


Remember, a gift won't erase grief, but it's an easy way to say, "I'm here for you.


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