Last Minute Holiday Reminders

Dec 24, 2023
Last Minute Holiday Reminders

As we head into the final stretch of this festive marathon, Grieve Leave is here with a few extra reminders:

1. Get Ready for Some ✨Unique✨ Gifts:

 Imagine: You rip open the wrapping paper, and bam! You're face-to-face with a gift that's a head-scratcher—somewhere between funny and heart-tugging. Gear up for presents that might make you laugh and maybe shed a tear. It could be a pillow sewn from a deceased loved one's shirt—a gift that's both sweet, but for some of us can be kinda tricky. These presents can be a roller coaster of feelings, so buckle up.


2. You are under NO obligation to explain your grief

 Grief is personal, and you're under no obligation to put it into words for others. If someone doesn't understand, that's on them. Your journey is yours alone, and it's perfectly fine to keep the details to yourself.


3. You Can Say No:

The holiday season often brings a flurry of invitations,  from work parties and festive family gatherings to winter wonderland-themed weddings. However, you're allowed to set boundaries and decline invitations. Saying no to events that don't align with your emotional well-being is an act of self-care in the grief world. 


4. Permission to Pause (even if you already said yes):

In the whirlwind of holiday festivities, it's okay to hit the pause button. You don't have to conform to the expectations of joy and celebration. Give yourself permission to step back, take a breath, and honor your emotions– if that means walking into another room, ok. If that means walking out the front door, ok.

 5. Expect a Wild Ride of Unexpected Emotions. 

You might find yourself needing a timeout to hide in the bathroom and shed a tear or two at a holiday party. Heck, cry in the middle of the gathering if that's what you need. You don’t have to conceal your grief.What might happen if you just let it be a part of the moment?


6. Embrace the Imperfections:

The pressure for holiday perfection is overrated. Give yourself the gift of imperfection. If certain festivities feel too heavy, let them go. Your journey is unique, and there's no rulebook for it. Be authentically yourself and release those unrealistic expectations.


Remember, it's absolutely okay to let your emotions flow. Your grief is a valid part of this journey, and you have every right to navigate the holidays in a way that feels genuine and true to you.


Happy (or whatever) holidays, from all of us here at Grieve Leave.

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