Rebecca on the Heal Your Heartbreak Podcast with Kendra Allen

interviews Oct 22, 2023
Rebecca on the Heal Your Heartbreak Podcast with Kendra Allen

This week, we're excited to highlight Rebecca's recent podcast appearance on 'Heal Your Heartbreak' with Kendra Allen. 


Together with Kendra, Rebecca explores the societal pressure to stay in a relationship even if it is no longer serving you, the policy hurdles that come with divorce, and what grieving a relationship actually looks like.


To listen to the full podcast, click HERE, and find three of our favorite reflections from Rebecca's podcast appearance below!

"You are not a failure if you leave. You are not a failure if you choose to end your relationship."

There is often intense societal pressure to preserve a relationship, even when staying does more harm than good. Choosing our well-being and happiness over staying in a situation that's not right for us is an act of strength, not failure. There's power in moving forward and building the life we truly want and deserve.

"No divorce is easy. Yet, for all the people who persist through the divorce process, enduring all the BS in those policies, countless others remain trapped in dangerous and financially draining marriages they don't want to be in because they cannot get out."

Going through a divorce can make us feel powerless and frustrated as we navigate the mazes of legal and logistical obstacles. Between separation periods and piles of paperwork, the leaving a marriage seems intentionally prohibitive in some states.  Acknowledging that a relationship has reached its end is painful enough, but we may not anticipate how difficult the system can make untangling a marriage we no longer want. And, sadly, too many are forced to endure bad situations because we can't afford the lengthy court proceedings and legal costs to get out. 

"I barely knew how to grieve anything, let alone grieving a divorce. What did that even mean, and what did that look like? And for me, it was sitting with those feelings and not feeling like a failure.”

In breakups or divorces, we mourn not just the person, but also the future we'd envisioned together. We grieve the life we had and the memories we made. Grieving is about sitting with those feelings of loss and pain without judgment, and allowing ourselves to feel them without any rush to 'get over it.'


Don't miss the full podcast episode for more of Rebecca's conversation with Kendra Allen. You can listen to it HERE.


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