Meet & Grieve: When Grief Strikes

Grieve Leave is a community of over 25,000 individuals that inspires grievers to intentionally take time to process the feelings that come with loss. You can learn more at Grieve Leave.

Join us for an In-Person Meet & Grieve Event: When Grief Strikes - A safe and supportive space designed for you to express and navigate your emotions surrounding grief openly. While the SAG/WGA strike headlines have dominated recent months, it's crucial not to overlook the real workers and their personal losses. Grief isn’t just about death or feeling sad. It comes in all forms. Anger, sadness, loss, and power all meld together when we talk about grief, especially when choosing to withhold a labor that is your passion and livelihood — even when it is for a great purpose.

We invite you to participate in this special gathering where you can candidly discuss your experiences on the front lines of the strike, addressing the toll it can take. Our dialogue will be facilitated by certified Grief Expert and Grieve Leave Founder Rebecca Feinglos (featured in Fortune, TIME, HuffPost, Newsweek, ABC, and ELLE). Rebecca created Grieve Leave after suddenly losing her second parent in 2020, which ultimately caused her to end her marriage and leave the job she loved to take the time to process her grief, which she called her year of “Grieve Leave.”

Register for the event here: 

Photo Release: Please let us know above if you are comfortable with us photographing you during the event. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you have any concerns or specific preferences regarding how your images are used. 

This event is unique as it will be featured in the LA Times for a special feature on the grief actors and writers face during this time.

Details About The Event:

Location: The Liberties Los Angeles located at 1111 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Date: Thursday, September 7th 2023
Time: The event will start at 6 PM. We expect our conversation to last for approximately an hour and a half.
Directions: The nearest station will be the 7th Street / Metro Center Station. This station is a major hub for various Metro lines, including the Red Line and the Purple Line. From there, you can access the location by walking, or a short ride!
Parking: Street parking will be available!

 The Grieve Leave team will offer a free drink for those joining us. We are excited to have you!

Any questions? Reach out to us [email protected]


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