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Heal Your Heartbreak

Rebecca Feinglos, founder of Grieve Leave, knows firsthand how messy, painful, and often unspoken, grief of divorce can be. After leaving an unhealthy marriage, she found herself navigating her own complex emotions and archaic state laws and policies that prolong divorce processes.

In an honest talk on the "Heal Your Heartbreak" podcast with host Kendra Allen , Rebecca pulls back the curtain on the messy reality of divorce.

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Grief Out Loud A Podcast By Dougy Center

What happens when you take a year away from your income generating work to focus completely on grief? This is the question Rebecca Feinglos faced at the end of 2021. Grief wasn't new to Rebecca. She was a teenager when her mother died of brain cancer. On the same day her state shut down due to the COVID pandemic, she got a call that her father had died suddenly. In the ensuing months, she ended her marriage. So, by the time she got to the end of 2021, she was exhausted and empty and unwell. It's common to wish the world would stop and give us a break when someone dies, but we usually dream of escaping from it all. Rebecca did something different - she took a year to delve fully into her grief and along the way she wrote about it on her blog.

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Uncut & Uncensored With Caroline Stanbury

Grieve Leave founder, Rebecca Feinglos recently sat down with Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Stanbury, on her podcast, 'Uncut & Uncensored' to talk about the complex world of grief, societal expectations on how we process our feelings associated with loss, and how there is no such thing as “getting over” our grief.

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A Second Life

Joined by the founder of Grieve Leave, Rebecca Feinglos shares her grief journey of parental loss and divorce. A deep dive into how she found healing and started Grieve Leave after taking a 1-year sabbatical from work to grieve.

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Unstable Topics

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Divorce & Beyond with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Grief is a messy and complicated emotion. And while that is the focal point of this episode, it will be one of the happiest episodes you will hear! After the death of her father in 2020 and her marriage ending, Rebecca Feinglos found herself overwhelmed by grief. So, in 2021, she founded Grieve Leave to document and share her journey and help others navigate their grief with humor and compassion. 

In this episode, Susan and Rebecca discuss the importance of acknowledging grief and how to navigate it with self-compassion. When we see that grieving doesn’t only have to be about crying - we can move forward, find joy, and even celebrate it too.

Rebecca Feinglos blogs her personal experiences and shares tangible resources and actionable tips for dealing with relationship grief and divorce (with a healthy dose of humor baked in). 

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